Step 6. Specify Compute Resources

At the Target Compute Resources step of the wizard, specify target hosts and clusters to which recovered volumes will be mounted. To do that, select a resource group in the list of available groups and click Add.

For a resource group to be displayed in the Available Groups list, it must belong to the datacenter selected at the Target Datacenter step. If a resource group belongs to multiple datacenters at the same time, it will not be displayed in Available Groups list.

To view hosts and clusters in a resource group, select the group and click View Resources.


If you add a host to a recovery location and then move the host to another datacenter, or if you move a host from one vCenter Server to another, the host will be assigned a new vCenter MoRef ID, Orchestrator will consider the host to be a new infrastructure object, and the configuration of the recovery location will become invalid. As a result, Orchestrator will not be able to use this location for recovery.


Adding Recovery Location