Adding Custom Script Step to Plan

For each machine included in a recovery plan, you can add a custom script step to be performed when processing the machine:

  1. Navigate to Recovery Plans.
  2. Select the plan and click Manage > Edit.
  3. On the Edit Plan page:
  1. In the Plan Groups column, select an inventory group.
  2. In the Virtual Machines column, select a machine.
  3. The Steps column will display the list of steps to perform for the machine.
  1. Click Add.
  2. In the Add Step window, from the list of steps available for the plan, select the custom script step, and click Add. For more information on adding plan steps, see Configuring Steps.
  1. To save changes made to the plan settings, click Save.



You can also add a custom step to be performed for all machines in an inventory group as described in section Overriding VM Recovery and Protection Settings.


Adding Custom Step to Failover Plan

After you add the custom step for the machine in the plan, check step parameter settings and modify them if required. For more information, see Configuring Step Parameters.