Configuring Windows Credentials Parameter

If you want to provide credentials that the script will use to run within the guest OS of a machine included in a recovery plan, do the following:

  1. Add credentials that the script will use to connect to the machine when performing recovery as described in section Managing Credentials.
  2. Navigate to Plan Steps.
  3. In the Steps column, select the script step and click Edit.
  4. Complete the Edit Custom Script Step wizard:
  1. At the Parameters step:
  1. In the Parameters column, select Windows Credentials.
  2. In the Parameter Details column, click the NONE link below to the Default Value field.
  3. In the Select Default Value window, select the necessary credentials and click OK.
  1. [This step applies only if you have already added the custom script step to any recovery plan]

At the Impact step, review the list of plans that will be updated to reflect the changes made to the step parameters.

  1. At the Summary step, review the configured settings and click Finish.



If you do not specify any credentials, the script will fail to run, and the Readiness Check test will report that the Windows Credentials parameter settings are not configured.


Editing Custom Step Settings

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