Starting Backup Job

You can start a backup job with the command line interface. When you start a backup job, Veeam Agent for IBM AIX initiates a new backup job session and provides you with a Session ID. You can monitor the progress of the backup job session or view the session status.

Starting Backup Job Note:

Veeam Agent for IBM AIX performs one backup job at a time. You cannot start a backup job when another backup job is already running.

To start a backup job, use the following command:

veeamconfig job start --name <job_name>


veeamconfig job start --id <job_id>


  • <job_name> — name of the backup job that you want to start.
  • <job_id> — ID of the backup job that you want to start.

Starting Backup Job Tip:

You can use the veeamconfig job start command with the --activefull option to create active full backups. To learn more, see Creating Active Full Backups.

For example:

$ veeamconfig job start --name SystemBackup
Backup job has been started.
Session ID: [{381532f7-426a-4e89-b9fc-43d98942c71a}].
Logs stored in: [/var/log/veeam/Backup/SystemBackup/Session_20200316_102309_{381532f7-426a-4e89-b9fc-43d98942c71a}].

You can check the backup job session status or view the backup job session log.

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