Starting Backup Job

You can start a backup job with the command line interface. When you start a backup job, Veeam Agent for IBM AIX initiates a new backup job session and provides you with a Session ID. You can monitor the progress of the backup job session or view the session status.

Starting Backup Job Note

Veeam Agent for IBM AIX performs one backup job at a time. You cannot start a backup job when another backup job is already running.

To start a backup job, use the following command:

veeamconfig job start --name <job_name>


veeamconfig job start --id <job_id>


  • <job_name> — name of the backup job that you want to start.
  • <job_id> — ID of the backup job that you want to start.

Starting Backup Job Tip

You can use the veeamconfig job start command with the --activefull option to create active full backups. To learn more, see Creating Active Full Backups.

For example:

$ veeamconfig job start --name SystemBackup
Backup job has been started.
Session ID: [{381532f7-426a-4e89-b9fc-43d98942c71a}].
Logs stored in: [/var/log/veeam/Backup/SystemBackup/Session_20200316_102309_{381532f7-426a-4e89-b9fc-43d98942c71a}].

You can check the backup job session status or view the backup job session log.