Step 7. Monitor Restore Process

You can monitor the restore process by viewing the restore session log. To do this, use the following command:

veeamconfig session log --id <session_id>

where <session_id> — ID of the restore session.

For example:

root@srv01:/# veeamconfig session log --id 12cfddd6-3bd1-44ae-baa1-653eb909e92e

2022-01-27 10:35:47 UTC {b9604775-d265-4537-b98e-848fd77c7375} [info] Job started at 2022-01-27 10:35:47

2022-01-27 10:35:58 UTC {ed66a1f6-5216-4596-a7b5-be10dd10c32f} [info] Starting file-level restore

2022-01-27 10:36:12 UTC {ed66a1f6-5216-4596-a7b5-be10dd10c32f} [processing] Restoring files


2022-01-27 10:42:56 UTC {a21a89d9-d0ca-4f5c-8399-28ae599f2f1c} [info] Processing finished at 2022-01-27


2022-01-27 10:43:05 UTC {a21a89d9-d0ca-4f5c-8399-28ae599f2f1c} [info] Logs have been exported to the repository


Step 7. Monitor Restore Process Tip

You can also check the restore session status with the veeamconfig session info command. To learn more, see Viewing Session Status.