Restoring Data from Encrypted Backups

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    When you restore data from an encrypted backup, Veeam Agent for IBM AIX performs data decryption automatically in the background or requires you to specify a password.

    • If encryption keys required to unlock the backup file are available in the Veeam Agent for IBM AIX database, that is, if you encrypt and decrypt the backup file on the same Veeam Agent machine, you do not need to specify the password. Veeam Agent for IBM AIX uses keys from the database to unlock the backup file. Data decryption is performed in the background, and data restore from the encrypted backup does not differ from that from an unencrypted one.
    • If encryption keys are not available in the Veeam Agent for IBM AIX database, you need to provide a password to unlock the encrypted file. The password must be the same as the password that was used to encrypt the backup file. If the password has changed once or several times, you need to specify the latest password. In Veeam Agent for IBM AIX, you can use the latest password to restore data form all restore points in the backup chain, including restore points that were encrypted with an old password and restore points that were created before you have enabled the encryption option for the job.

    To restore data from an encrypted backup, complete the following steps:

    1. Import the encrypted backup file to the Veeam Agent for IBM AIX database. To learn more, see Importing Encrypted Backups.
    2. Perform the restore operation in a regular manner. To learn more, see Restoring Files and Folders.
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