Step 3. Save Restored Files

When the backup file content is mounted to the /mnt/backup directory in the machine's file system, you can use IBM AIX command line utilities or preferred file browser to work with restored files and directories. You can browse for files and directories in the mounted backup and copy files and directories that you want to restore to their initial location or to a new location.

In the following example, the restored file Report1.pdf is copied from the mounted backup to the new location with IBM AIX command line utilities:

user@srv01:~$ ls Documents/
user@srv01:~$ ls /mnt/backup/FileLevelBackup_0/home/user/Documents/Reports/
Report1.pdf  Report2.pdf
user@srv01:~$ cp /mnt/backup/FileLevelBackup_0/home/user/Documents/Reports/Report1.pdf Documents/
user@srv01:~$ ls Documents/
Report1.pdf  Reports