Specifying Shared Folder Settings

The Mount shared folder step of the wizard appears if you have selected to restore data from a backup file located in a network shared folder.

Specifying Shared Folder Settings Note

Consider the following:

  • For bare metal recovery, Veeam Agent for IBM AIX only supports connection to servers that use version 3 of the NFS protocol.
  • If the backup file from which you want to restore resides in an SMB (CIFS) network shared folder, you must mount it using command line interface prior to launching the Recovery wizard. For details, see Mounting Backup Storage.

To mount an NFS network shared folder, do the following:

  1. In the Path field, specify the network shared folder name in the SERVER/DIRECTORY format: type an IP address or domain name of the server and the name of the network shared folder in which the backup file resides.



Specifying Shared Folder Settings 


  1. Press Enter to connect to the network shared folder. Veeam Agent will mount the specified network shared folder to the /tmp/veeam directory of the recovery image OS file system and display the content of the network shared folder.

Specifying Shared Folder Settings 

  1. Browse to the directory that contains the backup file, select the backup file and press Enter.Specifying Shared Folder Settings