Creating Backup Repository

A backup job configured in Veeam Agent for IBM AIX creates backup files in a backup repository. If you want to back up your data to a directory in the machine's local file system or a network shared folder (NFS or CIFS share), you must create a backup repository in advance, before you create a backup job.

Creating Backup Repository Note

Consider the following:

  • A backup repository should be created on a separate volume from a volume whose data you plan to back up.
  • If you want to create Veeam Agent backups in the Veeam backup repository, you must connect to the Veeam backup server in advance, before configuring the backup job. To learn more, see Connecting to Veeam Backup Server.

To create a backup repository, use the following command:

veeamconfig repository create --name <repository_name> --location <path>


  • <repository_name> — desired name for the backup repository.
  • <path> — path to the directory in the local file system of your machine in which backup files should be stored.

For example:

$ veeamconfig repository create --name BackupVol01 --location /home/backups


Creating Backup Repository Note

To create a backup repository in a network shared folder, you must mount the network shared folder to a directory in your machine's file system in advance. After you mount the network shared folder, you can create the backup repository in the same way as in a local directory.