Step 3. Locate Backup

To view the list of backups created by Veeam Agent for IBM AIX, use the following command:

veeamconfig backup list

By default, this command includes the --all option and instructs Veeam Agent to display information about all Veeam Agent for IBM AIX backups in backup repositories configured in Veeam Agent, as well as all imported backups.

For each backup, Veeam Agent displays the following information:



Job name

Name of the backup job by which the backup was created.

Backup ID

ID of the backup.


Name of the backup repository in which the backup was created.

Created at

Date and time when the backup was created.

For example:

root@srv01:/# veeamconfig backup list
Job name               Backup ID                                 Repository          Created at

srv01 system backup        {bd99e384-b62f-47dc-ad38-f0b3dc5d3c40}    VeeamBackup       2022-01-26 11:49