Before You Begin

Before you begin the file-level restore process, review the following prerequisites:

  • The backup from which you plan to restore data must be successfully created at least once.
  • [For backups stored in network shared folders and Veeam backup repositories] You must have access to the target location where the backup file resides.
  • [For Veeam backup repository targets] If you plan to restore data from a backup stored on a backup repository, you must have access permissions on this backup repository. To learn more, see Setting Up User Permissions on Backup Repositories.
  • [For backups of Btrfs file systems] A machine on which you perform file-level restore must run the same or later IBM AIX kernel version as the machine on which the backup was created.

For example, you created a backup of a machine that runs IBM AIX kernel version 4.14. If you perform file-level restore from this backup on another machine that runs IBM AIX kernel 2.6, the file-level restore process will fail.

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