Before You Begin

Before you start the installation process, check the following prerequisites:

  1. The machine on which you plan to install Veeam Agent for IBM AIX must meet the system requirements. To learn more, see System Requirements.
  2. To install and run Veeam Agent for IBM AIX, you must use the root account or any user account that has super user (root) privileges on the machine where you plan to install the product.
  3. Installation of Veeam Agent for IBM AIX requires the rpm.rte package version or later. This package manager is shipped with the IBM AIX operating system starting from version 6.1. Make sure the rpm.rte fileset on the machine where you want to install Veeam Agent is supported by your OS version.
  1. Make sure that /opt, /var, /usr, /etc and other file systems have sufficient amount of free space to install the product. If required, use the chfs tool to increase the size of the file system.
  2. If you plan to enable file system indexing in the backup job settings, you must install the mlocate utility on the Veeam Agent machine. The utility is provided along with Veeam Agent in the product installation media. To learn more, see Installing Prerequisite Software.
  3. If you plan to create Veeam Recovery Media, you must have the mkisofs command functional on the Veeam Agent machine.
  4. You can install and operate Veeam Agent for IBM AIX in an LPAR or WPAR.