Before You Begin

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    Before you boot from the recovery image and restore your data, review the following prerequisites and considerations:

    • You must have a recovery image on any media from which your machine can boot: CD/DVD/BD, removable storage device or Virtual Media Library.
    • To restore the system and data, you must have both Veeam Recovery Media and data backup. Make sure that the backup is available on the machine drive (local or external), on a network shared folder or on the backup repository managed by a Veeam Backup server.

    Restoring files with Veeam Recovery Media requires a backup that includes the full contents of the root directory. To configure a job for such backup, set the value of the --includedirs option to /. For details, see Creating Backup Jobs.

    • The media type on which you have created the recovery image must be set as a primary boot source on the machine.
    • The backup from which you plan to restore data must be successfully created at least once.
    • [For backups stored in network shared folders or on Veeam backup repositories] You must have access to the target location where the backup file resides.
    • [For Veeam backup repository targets] If you plan to restore data from a backup stored on a Veeam backup repository, you must have permissions to access that backup repository. To learn more, see Setting Up User Permissions on Backup Repositories.
    • When you restore data with Veeam Recovery Media, Veeam Agent for IBM AIX restores backup content directly to the available disks of the recovered system and replaces the current disk content.