Removing Databases

You can permanently remove a database from Veeam Backup for Salesforce if you no longer need it. However, the removed database will not be deleted from the host server — it can be further reconnected to the same or to another Veeam Backup for Salesforce server and used to protect the same organization. If you do not need the data stored in the database anymore, you can delete it from the host server manually.


You cannot remove a database that is currently used by Veeam Backup for Salesforce to protect a Salesforce organization. If you want to remove the database, connect to another database in the backup policy settings.

To remove a database from Veeam Backup for Salesforce, do the following:

  1. Switch to the Configuration page.
  2. Navigate to Salesforce > Databases.
  3. Select the necessary database and click Remove.
  4. In the Remove Database Connection window, acknowledge the operation and click Remove.

Removing Databases