Removing Companies

You can remove companies from the configuration database. When you remove a company, Veeam Backup for Salesforce verifies whether you have assigned any Salesforce organizations to this company, and if yes, suggests you to re-assign the organizations to another company.


When you remove a company and re-assign organizations to another company:

  • Users that have company-wide permissions to the new company will automatically get permissions to access data of all re-assigned Salesforce organizations.
  • Users that have permissions to access the removed company or any Salesforce organizations belonging to this company and do not have permissions to access the new company will not be assigned permissions to access new company automatically.
  • Users that have the same roles in the removed and the new companies with permissions to access specific organizations within the company will retain the permissions to the same organizations.

Consider the following example: User_1 has the Restore operator role for organization_1 that belongs to company_1 and the Restore operator role for organization_2 that belongs to company_2. You remove company_1 and re-assign organization_1 to company_2. In this case, user_1 will retain his permissions of the Restore operator role to organization_1 and organization_2 in company_2.

To remove a company, do the following:

  1. Switch to the Configuration page.
  2. Navigate to Salesforce > Companies
  3. Select the necessary company and click Delete.
  4. [Applies if any Salesforce organizations are assigned to the selected company] In the Delete Company window:
  1. Choose whether you want to assign the organizations to an existing or to a new company:
  • If you want to re-assign organizations belonging to the removed company to an existing company, select the Assign to existing company option, and choose the necessary company from the drop-down list.

For a company to be displayed in the list, it must be created beforehand as described in section Adding Companies.

  • If you want to add a new company to Veeam Backup for Salesforce and to re-assign organizations to this company, select the Assign to a new company option, and specify a name for the new company.
  1. Click Assign and Delete.

Removing Companies