Managing Salesforce Organizations

Salesforce organizations can be added to Veeam Backup for Salesforce either automatically when you create backup policies or manually as described in section Adding Organizations. When you connect to a Salesforce organization, the basic organization details and the OAuth authentication tokens of the Connected App are saved to the configuration database.


Veeam Backup for Salesforce does not have access to Salesforce user credentials. To authorize and access Salesforce data, Veeam Backup for Salesforce uses OAuth tokens of the Connected App created during the initial configuration. You can change the Connected App as described in section Changing Connected App Tokens, but you must consider that after changing the Connected App, you will have to re-authorize all Salesforce connections added to Veeam Backup for Salesforce.

Salesforce organizations added to Veeam Backup for Salesforce are grouped to companies. For more information on companies, see Managing Companies.

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