Appendix B. Getting Technical Support

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    Veeam offers email and phone technical support for customers on maintenance and during the official evaluation period. For better experience, please provide the following details when contacting Veeam Customer Support:

    • Version information for the product and its infrastructure components
    • Error message and/or accurate description of the problem you are facing
    • Log files

    For your convenience, the VAO UI allows you to collect logs for each VAO component separately or all together. To do that:

    1. Switch to the Administration page.
    2. Navigate to Logs.
    3. Select a check box next to the server where the VAO component runs.
    4. Click Download Logs. Logs will be saved locally in the default download folder.



    If you want to create an anonymized log file that contains all configuration and statistical information on your VAO deployment, download the VAO Infrastructure data log. The log file will be used by VAO product management to improve the solution. No information will be shared outside of Veeam at any time. To see information added to the log, navigate to the folder used to store files you download and open the XML log file.


    Collecting VAO Logs

    To submit your support ticket or obtain additional information, please visit the Veeam Customer Support Portal. Before contacting Veeam Customer Support, consider searching for a resolution on Veeam R&D Forums.