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Veeam Availability Orchestrator 1.0
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Configuring Test Scheduling

To schedule failover plan testing:

  1. Log in to the VAO UI in the DR site as a Site Administrator or Failover Plan Author. For details, see Accessing VAO UI.
  2. Navigate to Virtual Labs.
  3. Switch to the Schedule a Lab tab and click Create Schedule.
  4. Complete the Create Test Schedule wizard.

At the Site step, in the Available Sites list, select a VAO site for which you want to create the schedule.

Configuring Test Scheduling

At the Lab step, select the virtual lab which you want to use to verify failover plans.

Configuring Test Scheduling

At the Schedule Name step, specify a name and description for the schedule.

Configuring Test Scheduling

At the Recurring Schedule step, define scheduling settings for the lab:

  1. Click the Schedule icon next to the Schedule start time is field, configure the necessary schedule, and click Apply.
  2. Choose the necessary option:

Run this test only once at the above time to test the plan once on the specified day.

Run daily at the same time to start testing at specific time every day.

Run weekly at the same day to start testing once a week on the specified day.

Configuring Test Scheduling

At the Test RTO step, use the Set test RTO of <n> hours field to specify the time period during which plan testing must complete to comply with your RTO requirements.

You can also select the Stop the testing if the RTO is exceeded check box to power off plan testing if its duration exceeds the preferred time limit.

Configuring Test Scheduling

At the Choose Lab Groups step, add the required lab groups to support the test environment:

  • Use the Add and Remove controls to manage previously configured lab groups.
  • Use the Up and Down arrows to change the group execution order.

Configuring Test Scheduling Note:

All default lab groups previously created by a DR Site Administrator will automatically become preselected in the Lab Groups to use list, and you will not be able to remove them or modify the order in which they will run. For more information, see Working with Default Lab Groups.

Configuring Test Scheduling

At the Choose Failover Plans step, select failover plans to be tested in the virtual lab. Use the Add and Remove controls to manage available plans.

Configuring Test Scheduling Note:

If you select several failover plans, they all will be tested at the same time.

Configuring Test Scheduling

At the Summary step, review configuration information and click Finish.

The created schedule will be displayed in the calendar.

Configuring Test Scheduling

As soon as the test is over, a Plan Test Execution Report will be generated.

Configuring Test Scheduling Important!

The selected lab will power off, all scheduled plans will fail to be tested, and the Plan Test Execution Report will not be generated if one of the following conditions is met:

  • The lab halts.
  • The lab enters either the HALTING, HALTED, POWERING OFF or EDITING state.
  • The lab occurs to be already running and to include lab groups that differ from those added when configuring the schedule.

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