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Veeam Availability Orchestrator 1.0
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Creating Custom Script Step in VAO

To upload an existing script into VAO:

  1. Log in to the DR VAO UI as a DR Site Administrator. For details, see Accessing VAO UI.
  2. Switch to the Configuration tab.
  3. Navigate to Plan Components > Plan Steps.
  4. Select a VAO site for which the script will be available when creating and launching failover plans.
  5. In the Steps column, click Add.
  6. Complete the Add Custom Script Step wizard.
  1. At the Custom Script step, fill out the Name and Description fields, and browse to the script file.

Creating Custom Script Step

  1. At the Step Visibility step, use the Make this Step visible to all Sites check box to choose whether users of other VAO sites will be able to include the script in their failover plans.

If you do not select this check box, you can enable the script on a per-site basis. For more information on enabling plan steps, see Configuring Veeam Availability Orchestrator.

Creating Custom Script Step

  1. At the Summary step, review configuration information and click Finish.

The script will become available in the list of steps for the selected sites.

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