Running Halted Storage Plans

To run a HALTED storage plan:

  1. Log in to the VAO UI as a VAO Administrator or Plan Operator. For more information, see Accessing VAO UI.
  2. Navigate to Orchestration Plans.
  3. Select the plan. From the Launch menu, select Continue.


Click the plan name to switch to the Plan Details page, and click Continue.

  1. Complete the Run Plan wizard:
  1. For security purposes, at the Enter Credentials step, retype the VAO Administrator or Plan Operator password.

Running Halted Storage Plan

  1. At the Resume Plan step, select an option to resume plan execution.

Choose whether you want to proceed with plan execution from the next VM or VM group included in the plan, proceed from the next plan step, retry the failed step, retry the failed VM or VM group.



If you select the Retry failed VM or Retry failed Group option, VAO will automatically perform a number of storage-related actions to apply any changes made to storage recovery locations associated with the plan. For this reason, the Plan Details view will show the Storage Failover step from the Pre-plan steps group running again.

If you select the Retry failed Step option, VAO will execute the Storage Failover step again only in case the plan halted when trying to execute the Register VM step.

For more information on steps performed by VAO, see Appendix. Orchestration Plan Steps.

Running Halted Storage Plan

  1. At the Summary step, review configuration information and click Finish. The failover process will be started.
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