Step 8. Choose SQL Server

[This step applies only if you have selected the Let me specify different settings check box at the Default Configuration step of the setup wizard]

At the SQL Server Instance step of the wizard, choose a Microsoft SQL Server instance that will host the VAO database:

  • If on the target machine you do not have a Microsoft SQL Server instance that you can use for VAO, select the Install new instance of SQL Server option. In this case, the setup will install Microsoft SQL Server Express locally, on the machine where you are installing VAO.



If a Microsoft SQL Server instance that meets VAO system requirements is detected on the machine, you can only use the existing local Microsoft SQL Server instance or choose one that runs remotely. In this case, the option to install a new Microsoft SQL instance will be unavailable.

  • If you want to use an existing local or remote Microsoft SQL Server instance, select the Use existing instance of SQL Server option and choose a local Microsoft SQL Server instance, or browse to a Microsoft SQL Server instance running remotely. You can either enter the address of the instance manually or use the Browse button to search among available remote instances.

To connect to the Microsoft SQL Server instance, you must provide valid credentials for an account that will be used by VAO components to access the Microsoft SQL Server database. You can either specify credentials explicitly or use Windows authentication credentials. Note that the account must have the System Administrator rights on the selected Microsoft SQL Server instance.

Step 8. Choose SQL Server 

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