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Veeam Availability Orchestrator 2.0
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Managing Recovery Locations

Before you run VAO restore plans and perform failback operations, you can choose whether to recover VMs to the original or to a new location:

  • If you want to restore VMs to their original location, you do not need to configure any resources. VAO already includes an out-of-the-box ready-to-use location named Original VM Location.

If you select this location when running a restore plan or when performing a failback operation, VAO will automatically detect the original location of processed VMs and restore the VMs to that location.

You can only customize datastore capacity level and enable Instant VM Recovery for the location. For more information, see Configuring Original Recovery Location.

  • If you want to restore VMs to a different location, you must first categorize vCenter Server resources into recovery locations.

Recovery locations are groups of target resources (that is, infrastructure objects such as hosts, clusters and datastores) used by VAO to orchestrate recovery. Resource groups are managed by Veeam ONE Monitor, a component of the embedded Veeam ONE server.

For more information on working with recovery locations, see sections Categorizing Resources, Adding Recovery Locations, Configuring Recovery Locations and Including Recovery Locations.

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