License Expiration

VAO license period is set in accordance with the chosen licensing program. When this period is over, you must update the license.

To ensure a smooth license update and provide sufficient time to install a new license file, VAO offers a grace period after the license expiration date. During the grace period, VAO keeps working in a full-version mode. The license status during this period appears as Your subscription license has expired and needs to be renewed.

The duration of the grace period is defined by the license type.

License Type

Expiration Grace Period


60 days


30 days

You must update the license before the end of the grace period. If you do not update the license, after the grace period VAO will stop processing of plans, VMs and lab groups. Orchestration plan testing will be disabled as well.

To learn how to update VAO license, see Updating License.

VM License Statuses

In VAO, a VM can have one of the following license statuses:

  • Licensed — the VM has licenses assigned and is fully managed by VAO.
  • [Applies only to Rental licenses] New — the VM was added to a VAO plan within the current calendar month. The VM will be fully managed by VAO until the end of the current month.
  • Unlicensed — the VM does not have licenses assigned, as there are no more licenses in the license pool. The unlicensed VM will have either the Licensed by Exceed or Unlicensed status.
  • Licensed by Exceed — the VM has no licenses assigned but is within the allowed increase limit. The VM can be used in VAO plans until the end of the grace period.
  • Unlicensed by Exceed — the VM has no licenses assigned, and the allowed increase limit was exceeded. The VM will not be managed by VAO.

For more information, see Exceeding License Limit.

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