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Veeam Availability Orchestrator 2.0
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Configuring Virtual Machines

The order in which VMs in an orchestration plan are processed depends on the VM Recovery Options configured while creating the plan:

  • If the Recover the VMs in each Group > In sequence option is selected for a VM group, VMs in the group will be processed in the order they appear in the Virtual Machines list.
  • If the Recover the VMs in each Group > Simultaneously option is selected for a VM group, a limited number of VMs in the group will be processed at the same time. If you select this option, you will also have to configure the maximum number of VMs processed simultaneously. For more information, see Creating Failover Plans and Creating Restore Plans.
  • If new VMs are added to a VM group, the entire VM list will be resorted and then processed in the alphabetical order.

Configuring Virtual Machines Tip:

If some VMs are dependent on other VMs, ensure the required VMs are started first.

To define the recovery order for VMs included in a VM group:

  1. Log in to the VAO UI as a VAO Administrator or Plan Author. For details, see Accessing VAO UI.
  2. Navigate to Orchestration Plans.
  3. Select the plan and click Manage > Edit.
  4. On the Edit Plan page:
  1. In the Plan Groups column, select a VM group.
  2. To move VMs included in the group up or down the list, use the Up and Down arrows in the Virtual Machines column.

Configuring Virtual Machines Important!

If the VAO UI displays the Source missing label next to a VM, this means that the source VM was deleted but there is at least one replica or backup found for the VM. In this case, you can delete the VM — to do that, select the VM and click Remove. Note that the Remove action is not available by default.

  1. To save changes made to the plan settings, click Save.

Configuring Virtual Machines


Configuring Virtual Machines Note:

If some VMs in a group are mission critical, mark each of them as Critical. If the recovery process for such a VM fails, the plan will be halted.

  1. In the Plan Groups column, select the group.
  2. In the Virtual Machines column, select a VM and click Change Criticality.  

This will influence VM recovery options configured for the whole group. For more information on overriding VM recovery options, see Overriding VM Recovery and Protection Settings.

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