Assigning User Roles and Permissions

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    To assign a user role to an Active Directory user or a user group:

    1. Log in to the VAO UI as a VAO Administrator. For more information, see Accessing VAO UI.
    2. Switch to the Administration page.
    3. Navigate to Roles and Scopes.
    4. In the Scopes column, select the scope.
    5. In the Roles column, choose the required role.
    6. In the Users and Groups column, click Add.
    7. In the Choose Account window:
    1. From the Account Type list, select User or Group.
    2. In the Domain and Account fields, enter the user or group name and a domain to which the user or group belongs, and click Find.

    For more information on the required account permissions, see Permissions.

    1. Select the user or group and click Add.


    Assigning User Roles and Permissions