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Working with Orchestration Plans

VAO uses the failover and data recovery functionality provided by Veeam Backup & Replication to automate recovery actions taken in case of software or hardware malfunction. For these purposes, VAO offers two types of plans:

  • Failover plans — consist of VMs that should be failed over to replicas.
  • Restore plans — consist of VMs that should be recovered from backup files to the original or another location.

Both failover and restore plans are based on VM groups created using categorization data from Veeam ONE Monitor. VM groups are sets of source VMs managed by Veeam ONE Monitor and orchestrated by VAO. By default, Veeam ONE Monitor categorizes VMs into VM groups based on vCenter Server tags. However, you can also create your own categories in Veeam ONE Monitor to group VMs. For more information on how to categorize VMs to be used in orchestration plans, see Managing VM Groups.

Orchestration plans can be scheduled and chained to execute in sequence, and VAO will automatically produce and update detailed documentation. Execution of VAO plans is simplified to allow simultaneous management of multiple plans that contain hundreds of VMs.

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