Backup of Database Systems

You can instruct Veeam Agent for Linux to create consistent backups of Veeam Agent computers that run one of the following database systems:

  • Oracle database system
  • MySQL database system
  • PostgreSQL database system

Backup of Database Systems TIP

If you back up the Oracle or PostgreSQL database system using a backup job managed by Veeam backup server, Veeam Agent can also back up archived logs. You can use archived logs to restore the database system to the necessary state up to the certain operation. Veeam Agent backups archived logs in the similar way as in a backup job for VMs. To learn more, see Oracle Log Backup or PostgreSQL Log Backup section in the Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide.

To learn how backup of database systems works, see the Backup of Database Systems section in the Veeam Agent for Linux User Guide.

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