Publishing Disks

Starting from Veeam Backup & Replication version 12.1, you can use the Veeam backup console to publish disks from backups created by Veeam Agent backup jobs and backup copy jobs.


If you use Veeam Backup & Replication version 12.0 or later, you can publish disks using the PowerShell console. To learn more, see the Disk Publishing (Data Integration API) section in the Veeam PowerShell Reference.

Disk publishing allows you to save time by getting backup content of one or multiple disks instead of all disks from a backup. This technology gives read-only access to data and helps if you want to analyze data of your backup. For example, look for specific documents or usage patterns, or perform antivirus scan of backed-up data.

Disk publishing uses the iSCSI protocol for Microsoft Windows-based Veeam Agent computers and the FUSE protocol for Linux-based, Unix-based and macOS-based Veeam Agent computers. After the publishing, the target server can access the backup content using the iSCSI initiator or FUSE protocol, and read the necessary data from the disk.

To learn more, see the Disk Publishing section in the Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide.

Supported Veeam Agent Backups

You can publish disks from backups of Veeam Agent computers created with the following Veeam Agents:

  • Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows
  • Veeam Agent for Linux
  • Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris
  • Veeam Agent for IBM AIX
  • Veeam Agent for Mac

Page updated 12/22/2023

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