Creating Windows Backup Policies

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    You can create custom backup policies with Veeam backup agent job settings that will suit your data protection requirements for managed computers.

    Before you create a backup policy, check prerequisites described in Before You Begin.

    To create a backup policy, complete the following steps:

    1. Launch the New Backup Policy wizard.
    2. Specify the job template name and description
    3. Choose the backup agent operation mode.
    4. Choose the backup mode.
    5. Choose volumes to back up.
    6. Choose folders to back up.
    7. Choose backup destination.
    8. Specify local storage settings.
    9. Specify shared folder settings.
    10. Specify backup server settings.
    11. Specify backup repository settings.
    12. Specify cloud backup settings.
    13. Specify cloud repository quota.
    14. Specify advanced job settings.
    15. Choose backup cache location.
    16. Specify guest OS processing options.
    17. Configure backup schedule.
    18. Review backup job settings.
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