Step 9. Specify Shared Folder Settings

The Shared Folder step of the wizard is available if at the Destination step you have chosen to save the backup in a network shared folder.

Specify shared folder settings:

  1. In the Shared folder path field, specify the network shared folder name in the SERVER/DIRECTORY format: type an IP address or domain name of the server and the name of the network shared folder in which you want to store backup files.
  2. Select the type of the network shared folder:
  • NFS — to connect to a network shared folder using the NFS protocol.
  • SMB (CIFS) — to connect to a network shared folder using the SMB (CIFS) protocol.
  1. [For SMB shared folder] In the Connection account fields, specify a domain, user name and password of the account that has access permissions on this shared folder.

To view the specified password, click and hold the eye icon on the right of the Password field.

  1. Specify backup retention policy settings:
  • In the Restore points to keep on disk field, specify the number of restore points you want to keep backups in the target location. By default, Veeam backup agent keeps the 7 latest backup files. When the number of restore points is exceeded, Veeam backup agent will remove the earliest restore points from the backup chain.
  • To enable long-term retention policy, select the Keep some periodic full backups longer for archival purposes check box and click Configure.

In the Configure GFS window, specify how long you want to keep weekly, monthly and yearly full backups.

For details on GFS retention mechanism, see section Long-Term Retention Policy (GFS) of the Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide.

Step 9. Specify Shared Folder Settings 


  • To enable GFS retention policy, you must configure creation of synthetic or active full backups in the Advanced Settings.
  • GFS retention settings are available for Veeam Agent for Linux version 6 or later.
  1. Click Advanced Settings to specify advanced settings for the backup job.

For details, see Specify Advanced Job Settings.

Specify Shared Folder Settings