Failover and Failback for CDP

In case of software or hardware malfunction on the production site, a tenant can quickly recover a corrupted VM by failing over to its CDP replica in the cloud. When you perform cloud failover, a replicated VM on the cloud host takes over the role of the original VM. A tenant can fail over to the latest state of a replica or to any of its good known restore points.

For CDP replicas, Veeam Cloud Connect offers the same failover scenarios as for regular, snapshot-based replicas:

  • Full site failover — the whole production site becomes unavailable and all critical VMs that run interdependent applications fail over to their replicas on the cloud host.
  • Partial site failover — one or several VMs become corrupted and fail over to their replicas on the cloud host.

To learn more, see Cloud Replica Failover and Failback.

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Page updated 11/9/2023

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