Step 6. Specify Network Extension Settings

The Network Extension step of the wizard is available if you selected the Use built-in network management capabilities during failover option at the Replica Resources step of the wizard. You can use this step to specify network settings for the network extension appliance that Veeam Backup & Replication will deploy on the SP side.

Veeam Backup & Replication deploys the network extension appliance on the SP virtualization host that provides resources for the hardware plan to which the SP subscribes the tenant. VM replicas on the cloud host use the SP network extension appliance:

  • To communicate to VMs in the production site after partial site failover.
  • To communicate to the internet after full site failover.

At the Network Extension step of the wizard, the SP configures one network adapter (vNIC) on the network extension appliance. This network adapter connects the network extension appliance to the external network where SP backup infrastructure components reside.

To set up the network extension appliance:

  1. Click Edit on the right of the Network extension appliances list.

Step 6. Specify Network Extension Settings 

  1. In the Network extension appliance field of the Network Settings window, check and edit if necessary the name for the network extension appliance.
  2. Click the Browse button in the External network field and select the SP production network to which the SP Veeam Backup & Replication infrastructure components are connected.
  3. Specify the IP addressing settings for the configured network extension appliance:
  • To assign an IP address automatically in case the SP uses a DHCP server in the production network, keep the Obtain an IP address automatically option selected.
  • To manually assign a specific IP address to the network extension appliance, select the Use the following IP address option and specify the following network settings:
  • IP address
  • Subnet mask
  • Default gateway
  1. Click OK.
  2. Select the Allocate the following number of public IP addresses option and specify the number of public IP addresses to provide VM replicas with the ability to be accessed from the internet after full site failover. Veeam Backup & Replication will automatically assign to the tenant the specified number of IP addresses from the reserved pool. A tenant will be able to map an available public IP address to a VM replica at the process of the cloud failover plan configuration. To learn more, see Specify Public IP Addressing Rules.
  3. [Optional] If you have not reserved in advance the necessary number of public IP addresses that can be assigned to VM replicas, click the Manage link at the bottom of the wizard window to add one or several IP addresses to the pool of available public IP addresses. To learn more, see Managing Public IP Addresses.

Step 6. Specify Network Extension Settings