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Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4
Veeam Cloud Connect Guide

vCloud Director Tenant Account

To let the tenant create VM replicas in vCloud Director, the SP must register for this tenant a tenant account of a specific type — a vCloud Director tenant account. When the SP registers a vCloud Director tenant account, the SP permits the tenant to access vCloud Director Organization resources from Veeam Backup & Replication. To provide replication resources to an account of this type, in the properties of the account, the SP selects an Organization and its Organization vDCs that will be available to the tenant as cloud hosts. This contrasts to the similar scenario for a regular, or standalone, tenant account, for which replication resources are provided through hardware plans.

The tenant with a registered vCloud Director tenant account has access to Organization vDCs allocated to the Organization in vCloud Director. The tenant can use these Organization vDCs as cloud hosts for VM replicas. Tenants without vCloud Director accounts cannot create VM replicas on cloud hosts that utilize vCloud Director resources of the SP.

One vCloud Director tenant account can use resources of one vCD Organization only. The SP can allocate to the tenant one or more Organization vDCs of the same Organization.

The tenant with a registered vCloud Director tenant account connects to the SP in the Veeam backup console using credentials of the Organization user account that has administrative rights in the Organization. The SP must create this user account in advance in the properties of the Organization in vCloud Director. The account must have the following permissions:

  • General: Administrator Control
  • General: Administrator View
  • Group / User: View

vCloud Director Tenant Account 

Cloud Repository for vCloud Director Tenant Accounts

As well as replication resources, the SP can allocate backup resources to a vCloud Director tenant account. For accounts of this type, the Veeam Cloud Connect Backup scenario is the same as for standalone tenant accounts. To learn more, see Veeam Cloud Connect Backup.

Tenants with vCloud Director tenant accounts can create the following types of backups in a cloud repository:

Subtenant Accounts for vCloud Director Tenant Accounts

The SP can allow users on the tenant side to connect to the SP in Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows or Veeam Agent for Linux and create Veeam Agent backups in a cloud repository. To do this, the SP must create one or more subtenant accounts for the vCloud Director tenant account.

The process of creating a subtenant account for a vCloud Director tenant account is similar to the same process for a standalone tenant account. The only difference is that the SP selects from vCD Organization user accounts configured in vCloud Director instead of creating a new account. To create a subtenant account, the SP can use any vCD Organization user account that is not granted administrative rights in the Organization.

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