Configuring vCloud Director Tenant Account

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    To let a tenant work with a cloud host that utilizes vCloud Director resources, you must register a vCloud Director tenant account on the SP Veeam backup server. Tenants with registered vCloud Director accounts have access to Organization vDCs intended to act as a target for tenant VM replicas. Tenants without vCloud Director accounts cannot create VM replicas on cloud hosts that utilize vCloud Director resources of the SP.

    Before creating a vCloud Director tenant account, check prerequisites. Then use the New Tenant wizard to register a new vCloud Director tenant account.

    1. Launch the New Tenant wizard.
    2. Specify bandwidth settings.
    3. Allocate backup repository resources.
    4. Allocate compute resources for tenant VM replicas.
    5. Specify network settings for failover.
    6. Assess results.
    7. Finish working with the wizard.
    8. What you do next.

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