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Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4
Veeam Cloud Connect Guide

vCloud Director Support

SPs who have vCloud Director deployed in their infrastructure can expose vCloud Director resources as cloud hosts for tenant VM replicas. This allows such SPs to offer Disaster Recovery as a Service (Veeam Cloud Connect Replication) to tenants without the need to deploy additional VMware vSphere hosts in their virtual infrastructure. Whereas SPs who already provide cloud services based on the vCloud Director technology can now offer new data protection and recovery scenario to their tenants.

To support replication of tenant VMs to vCloud Director, Veeam Backup & Replication does not introduce additional Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure components. The SP does not need to configure cloud replication resources, such as hardware plans, in Veeam Backup & Replication. Instead, the SP configures replication target resources directly in vCloud Director and provides the tenant with access permissions to these resources.

  • The SP allocates one or more Organization vDCs to an Organization in vCloud Director. Each Organization vDC provides CPU, RAM, storage and network resources for tenant VM replicas. To grant access to vCloud Director resources to the tenant, the SP creates for this tenant a tenant account of a specific type — the vCloud Director tenant account. In the properties of this account, the SP selects the Organization whose Organization vDCs will act as cloud hosts for tenant VM replicas. To learn more, see vCloud Director Tenant Account.
  • The tenant can add the SP in the Veeam backup console using credentials of the Organization Administrator account. After the tenant connects to the SP, Organization vDCs allocated to the Organization appear in the tenant Veeam backup console as cloud hosts. The tenant can configure replication jobs targeted at these cloud hosts and create VM replicas in vCloud Director.

The tenant can perform the same tasks with VM replicas in vCloud Director as with VM replicas on a regular cloud host provided to the tenant through a hardware plan. To learn more, see Tasks with Cloud Host.

vCloud Director Support

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