Before You Begin

Before you add a SP, complete the following prerequisites:

  1. Make sure that the SP has provided you with the following information:
  1. You have a user name and password for your tenant account registered at the SP Veeam backup server.
  2. You have a full DNS name or IP address of the cloud gateway over which you will communicate with the Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure.
  3. You have a port over which to connect to the cloud gateway (if the SP specified a non-default port).
  4. [Optional] You have a TLS certificate thumbprint that you can use for TLS certificates verification.
  1. [For standalone tenant accounts] It is recommended that you change the password for the root account of the tenant-side network extension appliance before connecting to the SP. You can change the password in the service credentials record using the Credentials Manager. This operation is performed in the similar way as on the SP side. To learn more, see Managing Tenant Network Extension Appliance Credentials.

Page updated 1/25/2024

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