Managing Jobs

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    Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager acts as a single point for managing jobs from all added backup servers. Users with the Portal Administrator role can centrally manage jobs that have been previously configured on added backup servers: start, stop, retry, clone, delete jobs and edit selective job settings.

    Viewing Jobs

    Consider the following limitations:

    • For Nutanix AHV VMs, Enterprise Manager displays only backup copy jobs.
    • For physical machines, Enterprise Manager displays the following job types:
    • Backup copy jobs.
    • Veeam Agent backup jobs managed by the backup server. For more information, see Support for Veeam Agents.

    To view the list of jobs, open the Home view and select the Jobs tab.

    To quickly find a job, you can use filters and the search field.

    To filter the list of jobs:

    • Use the Backup server drop-down list to view the jobs of the selected backup server only.
    • Use the Status filter to view the jobs with the selected job statuses.

    Once you have selected necessary statuses, click the Apply button to apply the filter.

    To find a job by its name, use the search field.

    Managing Jobs

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