Viewing Operation Statistics

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    On the Dashboard tab of the home page, Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager displays on-going statistics on backup servers, their jobs, processed machines and file shares as well as data size, processing speed and so on.

    Statistics are divided into the following blocks:

    • The Summary block shows the total number of managed backup servers, performed jobs, processed machines and file shares.
    • The Image Data block shows the average processing speed, total size of processed machines, full backups and incremental backups.
    • The File Data block shows the average processing speed, total size of processed file shares, backed-up and archived files.

    This block is displayed only if one or more file shares are added on a backup server connected to Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager.

    • The Last 24 hours / Last 7 days block shows the total number of job runs, successful jobs, jobs with warnings and failed jobs.

    To switch between the time ranges, select a necessary tab in the top left corner.

    • The Status block shows the status of backup files, managed backup servers, Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager management server, and licenses.

    License status is displayed as follows:

    • OK — current license is valid
    • Warning — working in grace period, or failed to update the license
    • Error — license is expired, and grace period is over

    You can use the links in these blocks to drill down into detailed reports on specific aspects of the backup infrastructure.

    Backup Servers Chart

    The Backup Servers chart shows date and time when backup jobs were performed, and the network throughput rate during the backup jobs. Jobs related to each backup server have their own color on the chart. The legend on the right interprets the color scheme used for all managed backup servers.

    You can view the chart for one of the time ranges:

    • Last 24 hours
    • Last 7 days

    To switch between the ranges, select a necessary tab in the top left corner.

    In the Last 24 hours view, the highlighted part of the chart represents the configured backup window. You can configure the backup window in the chart settings. For more information, see Customizing Chart Appearance.

    Backup Servers Chart

    Customizing Chart Appearance

    To customize the appearance of the chart:

    1. Open the Configuration view.
    2. Click the Settings section on the left of the Configuration view.
    3. Use the Activity graph scale options on the Chart Settings tab to switch between graph types: Linear and Logarithmic.
    4. By default, the time interval specified under the selected Show backup window check box is highlighted on the activity graph. Default interval is from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM. You can change the highlighted interval to correlate with your planned backup window by editing the start and stop time. If you do not want to highlight the backup window on the graph, clear the Show backup window check box.
    5. Save the changes.

    Customizing Chart Appearance