Step 4. Change VM Processing Order

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    At the Virtual Machines step of the wizard, you can change the VM processing order. It can be helpful if specific VMs must be processed first, if you want to ensure that processing of a MV does not overlap with other scheduled activities, or that VM processing is completed before the certain time.

    To change the VM processing order, select the necessary machines and move them up or down the list using the Up and Down buttons on the right. In the same manner, you can set the backup order for containers in the backup list.


    • VMs inside a VM container are processed at random. To ensure that VMs are processed in the defined order, add them as standalone VMs, not as a part of containers.
    • The processing order may differ from the order that you have defined. For example, if resources of a VM that is higher in the priority are not available, and resources of a VM that is lower in the priority are available, the VM with the lower priority will be processed first.
    • For vCD backup jobs you can change the order of the following vCD objects: VMs, vApps, organization vDCs, organizations and the vCD instance. The scope depends on your vCD access rights.
    • For vCD replication jobs, you cannot change the VM processing order. You can manage only vApps and other vCD containers.

    Changing VM Processing Order