Veeam Backup Catalog

Veeam Backup Catalog is a feature that stands for VM guest OS file indexing. Veeam Backup Catalog comprises Veeam Guest Catalog services that run on the following servers in the backup infrastructure: Veeam backup server and Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager server.

  • Veeam Guest Catalog service on the Veeam backup server works as a local catalog service. It collects index data for backup jobs on this specific Veeam backup server and stores this data locally in the Veeam Backup Catalog folder.
  • Veeam Guest Catalog service on Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager works as a federal catalog service. It communicates with Veeam Guest Catalog services on Veeam backup servers connected to Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager and performs the following tasks:
  • Replicates index data from Veeam backup servers to create a federal catalog
  • Maintains index data retention
  • Lets you search for machine guest OS files in backup files

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