Activating Enterprise Manager Keyset

Active Enterprise Manager keys are the keys that are currently used in the encryption process. After you create a new keyset, you need to activate it. As a result of activation, Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager performs the following actions:

  • Public Enterprise Manager key is propagated to all Veeam backup servers connected to Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager.
  • Private Enterprise Manager key remains on Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager and marked as active.

You can activate a keyset manually. For that, do the following:

  1. In Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager, open the Settings section of the Configuration view.
  2. On the Key Management tab, in the Managed keys section, select an inactive keyset in the list and click Activate.

Activating Enterprise Manager Keyset

Note that manual activation can be performed for any keyset in the list (generated manually or automatically).

If you want your automatically generated keysets to be activated automatically upon creation, then you should configure the retention policy settings. For more information, see Specifying Retention Settings for Enterprise Manager Keyset.


Consider that manually generated keysets will require manual activation.

Page updated 1/25/2024

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