Application-Aware Processing

If VMs run Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, or Oracle, you can enable application-aware processing to create transactionally consistent replicas. The transactionally consistent replicas guarantee proper recovery of applications without data loss.

To configure application-aware processing:

  1. Select the Enable application-aware processing check box.
  2. Click the Customize Application link.
  3. To define custom settings for a machine in the list, select it and click Edit.

Consider the following:

  • To customize settings of a machine added as part of a container, add the machine as a standalone instance. For that, click Add machine and choose the necessary VM. Next, select the machine from the list and click Edit to customize VM settings.
  • To discard custom settings of a machine, select the machine in the list and click Remove.
  1. Configure the necessary settings for the selected application server:

Application-Aware Processing Options

Page updated 1/25/2024

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