Editing Organization Configuration

Users with the Portal Administrator role can edit VMware Cloud Director organization configurations.

Before you edit a configuration, consider the following recommendations:

  • When you change a job template for a Cloud Director organization, the new configuration will be applied only to the new jobs, existing jobs will not be affected.
  • To make an existing backup job to store backups to another repository instead of the currently configured for the organization:
  1. Move already created backups of Cloud Director objects to the new repository.
  2. Modify the backup job that is used as a template, and organization configuration so that the job points to the new repository.

Otherwise, data will be stored to the old repository, exceeding the quota.

To edit an organization configuration:

  1. Log in to Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager using an administrative account.
  2. Click Configuration in the top right corner.
  3. In the Configuration view, select the Self-service section.
  4. In the Self-service section, select the vCloud tab.
  5. On the vCloud tab, select an organization configuration and click Edit.
  6. To edit organization settings, follow the same steps as for adding a configuration.

For more information, see Adding Organization Configuration.

Editing Organization Configuration