Modifying vCloud Director Organization Settings

To modify vCloud Director organization settings:

  1. On the vCloud tab, select the organization you need and click Edit.
  2. Edit the organization settings as necessary. If you want to display job settings applied to backup jobs for this organization, click Show advanced job settings in the window:
  • In the Advanced job settings section you can examine existing job configuration.
  • In the Copy from field you will see the name of a vCloud Director job previously selected as a template for this organization.
  1. To change the job that should be used as a template from that point forward, from the Copy from list select the job you need and click Apply.

Modifying vCloud Director Organization Settings 

Considerations and Limitations

Consider the following recommendations for modifying organization settings:

  • If you plan to modify job template for the selected vCloud Director organization, remember that new settings will be applied only to the new jobs created for that organization; existing jobs will not be affected.
  • If you need to enable and modify sample configuration, then you should make sure that it does not have default repository setting — for that, from the list of repositories select the value different from Disable self-service backup for other organizations.
  • If you want existing backup job (template) to store backups to another repository instead of the currently configured for organization, the backup administrator should do the following:
  1. Move corresponding backups of vCloud Director objects to the new repository.
  2. Modify backup job (template) and vCloud Director organization settings so that job would point to the new repository.

Otherwise, data will be stored to the old repository, exceeding the quota.

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