Before You Begin

Before starting the upgrade procedure, read and follow the recommendations below:

  • To upgrade Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager to version 12, you must be running version 10a (build or later. To upgrade from earlier versions, contact Veeam Customer Support.
  • A machine on which you plan to install Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager must meet the system requirements. For more information, see System Requirements.
  • A user account that you plan to use for upgrade must have sufficient permissions. For more information, see Permissions.
  • Backup infrastructure components communicate with each other over specific ports. These ports must be open. For more information, see Ports.
  • Local antivirus or antimalware software can interfere with Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager upgrade. If you receive the Failed to create website 0x80070020 message, disable your local antivirus or antimalware software and start the upgrade process again. You can re-enable your antivirus software once the upgrade completes. For more information, see this Veeam KB article.
  • .NET 3.5.1 WCF HTTP Activation Windows component prevents Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager from functioning. Make sure there is no .NET 3.5.1 WCF HTTP Activation Windows component on the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager server prior to the installation.
  • Check the Known Issues section of the Veeam Backup & Replication 12 Release Notes.
  • With Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager and connected Veeam backup servers, remember to begin the backup infrastructure upgrade process with Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager. Backup servers should be upgraded after that.

If you have a backup server installed on the same machine, upgrade it immediately after completing upgrade of the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager server. Otherwise, the Configuration Database Connection Settings utility will not work properly for Veeam Backup & Replication. For more information about the utility, see Configuration Database Connection Settings Utility.