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Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5
Enterprise Manager User Guide

Step 6. Use Default Configuration

At this step, review default configuration settings for the deployment:

  • Guest catalog folder - a VBRCatalog folder where machine guest index files will be stored; it is created on the disk with maximum available free space, for example: C:\VBRCatalog.  
  • Catalog service port - 9393.
  • Service account - the account under which Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager service will run; default is local System account.
  • Service port - Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager service port; default is 9394.
  • SQL Server - Microsoft SQL Server instance that will host Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager database; for clear installation, the setup will deploy Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express edition on the local computer and create VEEAMSQL2012 instance for that purpose.
  • Database name - VeeamBackupReporting.
  • Web UI ports - ports for accessing Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager web interface; these are ports 9080 (for HTTP protocol) and 9443 (for HTTPS protocol).
  • RESTful API ports - ports for accessing Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager RESTful API; these are ports 9399 (for HTTP protocol) and 9398 (for HTTPS protocol).
  • Clould Connect Portal port - 6443.

Step 6. Use Default Configuration 

You can then click Install or select the Let me specify different settings check box to proceed with customizing these settings - then you will be taken to Step 7.

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