Step 9. Specify Service Ports

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    The Additional Configuration step of the wizard is available if you have selected to configure installation settings manually.

    You can customize port number values that will be used for communication between backup infrastructure components.


    For more information about Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager used ports, see Used Ports.

    Provide HTTP and HTTPS port numbers and select the certificate to be used by Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager. This certificate is needed to establish secure communication with the Enterprise Manager website using HTTPS (default port 9443); Veeam plug-in for vSphere Web Client and RestAPI client also will use this certificate to receive data using HTTPS protocol.

    If the setup wizard does not find an appropriate certificate to be used, it generates a self-signed certificate.

    Click View certificate to review the details of the selected certificate.

    To enforce TLS 1.2 encryption protocol for network connections, select the High security mode check box.


    The High security mode option disables using weak ciphers for all communications with the machine on which Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager runs. This may interfere with the operation of 3rd party software installed on the same machine.

    If you are installing Veeam Cloud Connect Portal, you can also provide port number that will be used by browser to access its website (default port is 6443).

    Step 9. Specify Service Ports