Step 5. Install Missing Software

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    At the System Configuration Check step of the wizard, the setup wizard checks if all prerequisite software is installed on the machine. If required software components are missing, the setup wizard will offer you to install them.

    You can install missing components automatically or manually.

    • To install missing components automatically, click Install. The setup wizard will not interrupt the installation process and install the missing components during the current work session.
    • To install missing components manually:
    1. Click Cancel and exit the setup wizard.
    2. Install and enable the necessary components manually on the machine.
    3. Start the setup wizard again, pass to the System Configuration Check step of the wizard and click Re-run to repeat the verification.


    If all required components are already installed on the machine, the System Configuration Check step will be skipped. For more information on the necessary software, see System Requirements.

    Step 5. Install Missing Software 

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