Solution Architecture

Veeam Agent for Mac is set up on a macOS physical computer or virtual machine whose data you want to protect.

When you install the product, Veeam Agent deploys the following components:

  • Veeam Agent for Mac Service (veeamservice) is a service responsible for managing all tasks and resources in Veeam Agent. The veeamservice component is registered as a daemon in the macOS upon the product installation. The service is started automatically when you start the OS, and runs in the background.
  • Veeam Agent for Mac Job Manager (veeamjobman) is a process started by Veeam Agent for Mac Service for every backup job session.
  • Veeam Agent that communicates with the Veeam Agent for Mac Service and Veeam Agent for Mac Job Manager. Veeam Agent is started by Veeam Agent for Mac Manager to perform data transfer operations of any kind: copy data from the backed-up volume to the backup location during backup, from the backup location to the target volume during restore, perform data compression, and so on.
  • Veeam Agent for Mac Installer (veeaminstaller) is a component responsible for Veeam Agent uninstallation process. To learn more, see Uninstalling Veeam Agent.
  • Veeam Agent for Mac GUI Application is a component responsible for the Veeam Agent tray menu and the File Level Restore wizard.
  • To store its configuration data, Veeam Agent uses the SQLite database engine. SQLite requires only few files to install and takes little resources to run on a macOS.

Solution Architecture 

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