To work with Veeam Agent, you must accept terms of the product license agreement and license agreements for third-party components operating as part of the product.

Depending on the installation mode, you must accept these license agreements in the following ways:

  • [Installation wizard] Confirm you accept these agreements at the respective steps of the Installation wizard.
  • [Command line interface] Accept these agreements after the installation using a separate command. For details, see Accepting License Agreements.

If you want to use a commercial version of Veeam Agent, you must obtain a license and install it on the protected computer. If you do not install a license, the product will operate in the Free edition.

Depending on the Veeam Agent operation mode, you can manage licenses in the following ways:

  • If Veeam Agent operates in the standalone mode, you can manage product licenses in the Veeam Agent control panel or in command line interface. To learn more, see the topics in this section.
  • If Veeam Agent operates in the managed mode, you can manage product licenses and editions from the Veeam Backup & Replication console. To learn more, see Managing License with Veeam Backup & Replication.

To learn more about operation modes, see Standalone and Managed Operation Modes.

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