Installing Veeam Agent

To install Veeam Agent for Mac with the command line Interface:

  1. Save the downloaded package on the computer where you plan to install the product.
  2. Install the package with the following command:

installer -pkg </path/package.pkg> -target <volume>


  • </path/package.pkg> — full path to the downloaded package on the computer.
  • <volume> — name of the volume where you want to install Veeam Agent. To install Veeam Agent on the volume from which your Mac computer started up, specify the '/' (slash) character.

For example:

user@wrk001 ~ % installer -pkg /Users/User/Desktop/Veeam?Agent?for?Mac-2.1.pkg -target /

  1. After the installation process is complete, grant full disk access for Veeam Agent. To learn more, see Granting Full Disk Access.